An interview with pianist and composer Fakhteh Hajihossein. “Dark Passion” is her new single!

Fakhteh is an Iranian composer, pianist and vocalist. Melodically, her music is characterized by the frequent use of eastern folk patterns whereas harmonically, it is mostly based on traditional tonal centers and triadic structures.

This is our interview with her:

When did you start composing and what or who were your early passions and influences?
I have been very passionate about composing since I was a child.Sometimes I could easily make a music theme even though I was a kid.But for years I was just playing music and not paying attention to my interest in composing.Some years ago when I got into singing a lot and on the other hand I did not like to sing the other people’s songs,I started making songs for piano and vocal in jazz style but on Persian themes.After that I developed a strong desire to compose in various genres. In fact it was the desire to sing that made me discover a strong desire to compose.

What do you personally consider to be incisive moments in your work and/or career?
After I discovered my interest in composing I tried to protect my feeling about it.Since I know myself well, anything that becomes routine for me can be boring I try to keep it interesting for myself.I start composing when I am very excited about it.So at least I am satisfied with my work.

Can you tell us something about your last release “Dark Passion”?
In Dark Passion,I mostly tried to create an illusory atmosphere.Although I made the Dark Passion in one week and I could play it almost acceptable in 2 weeks but I had lived in an anxious and illusory atmosphere in my mind for a year before making it.

What do improvisation and composition mean to you and what ,to you, are their respective merits?
I have been involved with improvisation for several years and I still can’t achieve what I want.For me improvisation means to play the music sentences that come to mind at the moment.For example sometimes when we are improvising we are using the grooves and sentences that have been recorded in our mind.I don’t like this anymore.I like to play what ever my mind create without any retardation.Most of the songs I have made come from improvisation.But every time I find something interesting then I take it to composing.I think about it and try to develop the music.I think the highlight of improvisation is creativity and about composition is more, thinking and creativity both together.Creativity doesn’t come from thinking.So you can find both of them in composition.

The role of the composer has always been subject to change.What is your view on the (e.g.political/social/creative) tasks of composers today and how do you try to meet these goals in your work?
If I want to be honest I always try to express the feelings I have experienced about different issues in my composition.Because it has happened to me many times that by hearing a song and feeling something again I was able to over come some confusion.I think this is a kind of change of subject if you can be successful in expressing experiences.

What equipment do you use to compose your music?
Most of all, I use the piano and some softwares next to it.

How, do you feel, could contemporary compositions reach the attention of a wider audience?
I think we should not forget that music finds more audience when it is not forgotten to be pleasurable.Sometimes we look at music as a math problem and that can be very appealing for composers. I personally am very interested in asymmetric rhythms.If the beauty is not forgotten in this complexity, it can attract more audiences.

Could you tell us something about your future projects?
I am thinking about an electroacoustic minimal pieces based on oriental melodies.

“Dark Passion” is her new single!

To the routine of monotonous life remains no way but to drawn in an illusory atmosphere and create asymmetric agitated hallucination.


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